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  • Erectile dysfunction (‘ED’) is a common sexual health issue, affecting older men as well as young men too.
  • ED can affect up to 50% of men in later life and is sometimes also called 'impotence'. Research has shown that up to 70% of men never seek advice for sex-related conditions
  • Our aim is to provide discreet and safe treatment for erection problems.
  • Our UK-based pharmacy stocks well-known ED treatments such as Viagra, as well as other brands like Levitra.
  • Fill in a short form and consultation with a registered pharmacist, your order will be shipped and tracked in discreet packaging.

Erectile dysfunction is the temporary or permanent inability to get or maintain an erection long enough for sex. It is caused mainly by physical health problems which relate to blood flow and cardiovascular function, and can be a symptom of a broader health condition.

The most common physical causes of impotence are cardiovascular disease (which can include a spectrum of conditions including HBP, coronary heart disease and stroke), diabetes, hormone problems, medications already being taken, neurological disorders, pelvic injuries or trauma or anatomical abnormalities.

Many, but not all, of these physical causes of ED can damage and disrupt blood vessels and the flow of blood to the main penile muscles responsible for erections, the corpora cavernosa.

The physical causes of ED are often the consequence of poor lifestyle choices. Doctors will often recommend simple lifestyle changes to men suffering with moderate ED symptoms, to see if improvements are observed over time. This includes things like drinking a low-risk amount of alcohol each week, not smoking, eating well and exercising regularly.

However, ED isn’t always caused by physical health conditions. Sometimes, but to a lesser extent, it is caused by psychological factors. This can include mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, and commonly performance anxiety (which is the pressure of performing well during sex, which makes it difficult to acheive erections).

Physical and psychological causes can also feed into each other or both be responsible for the symptoms of ED. So it’s important both of these things are addressed in order for the symptoms of impotence to be fully dealt with.

The medical community have become more aware of impotence/erectile dysfunction over the  past years and therefore, more work has been undertaken to understand the condition and develop effective treatments. Some patients require lifestyle changes in order to treat ED however, treating ED can require medicinal involvement (or changes in lifestyle and medicinal treatment).

The most well-known medicinal treatments for ED are phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5is) (e.g. Sildenafil/Tadalafil/Verdanafil). These became, and have remained, popular since the release of sildenafil in the late 1990s.

Pfizer, who developed and marketed the first oral ED drug Viagra, no longer possesses the sole rights to produce Sildenafil for ED. The patent for viagra expired in 2013 and since then other companies have been permitted to produce their own generic versions of Sildenafil.

Post Viagra, other branded ED tablets including Cialis and Levitra came to market in 2003, followed by Spedra in 2014. These medications are also available in generic form such as Tadalifil and Verdenafil respectively. 

Although these medications are very similar, they differ in strength, dose, length of time of action etc.  Cialis (Tadalifil) can last the longest for up to 36 hours. Levitra is available in the smallest dosage form in order to help people with pre-existing health conditions who may already be taking other medicinal treatment.

All PDE5i drugs are prescription only medications except for Viagra Connect, a medium dose ED drug, which is available over the counter from the pharmacy (after a consultation with the pharmacist).

One of the first treatment options for ED a doctor may recommend are simple lifestyle changes, like cutting out junk food or exercising more. Over time, these things can be effective.

PDE5i pills and hard oral capsules are the most well-known of ED treatments. These work to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow. However, they will not work unless the patient is aroused and sexually stimulated. If a man struggles with erections even after taking these drugs, there could be psychological causes at play. Doctors sometimes recommend talking therapy for ED, and it can be an effective treatment option.

Aside from hard pills for ED, there are also injectable impotence treatments such as Caverject. There are urethral suppositories like MUSE, and creams like Vitaros.

There are also treatment options that could be of benefit which are not medicinal. These include vacuum constriction pumps, surgically inserted prosthesis or vascular surgery. However, these should be discussed at length with your doctor.

 This is dependent on whether the patients doctor deems the treatment as appropriate. They can prescribe any treatment including sildenafil (generic for Viagra) in a number of doses. It is generally recommended that patients should be started on the lowest doses of sildenafil, in order to identify their requirements. Sildenafil is the most commonly prescribed ED treatment with the NHS, and it is uncommon for brands like Viagra, Cialis and others to be offered in this way. 

Treatments for ED can also be sought out online. However, it is important that men suffering with the symptoms of impotence are cautious when looking online for treatment. There are a number of illicit sellers who trade illegally. Make sure the site you use is UK pharmacy registered with bodies like the MHRA (Such as Thechemistlive.com), is overseen by legitimate registered medical professionals who can offer treatment legally, and that they do not make bogus claims or offer ‘free’ or ‘discounted’ drugs.

Only one ED drug can be acquired without the provision of a medical professional: Viagra Connect (50mg). This can be potentially sought in a number of pharmacy chains  including many independents. 

Click the start here button, to begin the service. This will require you to answer some questions regarding your health and symptoms. You will then be booked in for a remote consultation with a pharmacist. Your answers will then be reviewed and discussed as necessary. If approved, you will then be prescribed your ED treatment. We will aim to have your medication with you the next day via First class service

Good news, we also offer a dedicated ED blood testing profile which looks at specific biomarkers relating to erectile dysfunction. 

The profile checks for range of male hormones and other health indicators which can contribute to erectile dysfunction. A report will follow this blood test which in most cases would bring some clarity as to why or if you have an erectile dysfunction.

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